The RichelieuV practical approach

We provide services for equity in a number of startups, to amplify their strategy, their business development, as well as develop their apps and key software components, for an average of four to six months, to get them into the best possible shape, to the point where they have built something strong and meaningful enough to raise money on a larger scale.

We then fine tune with the companies their pitch to investors. We work with them to get supplemental funding at an improved multiple, either through investors or in some cases acquirers.

We work with a limited number of companies at the same time, because we are founders too. We run actively our own businesses, and we want to be sure that you have a lot of our attention, the required quality time to progress quickly. It is a tailormade experience for each of the startups working with us. 

We are adapting to your uniqueness to maximize your opportunity. 

Once we have analyzed your pitch, and have had a few conversations with you, we tell you honestly how we can help you, and we make you a proposal. You have then a full view of our partnership and its potential. We agree then a very simple contract with you. We just want to keep it simple and straightforward. One of our usual tool is a SAFE agreement. (Simple Agreement on Future Equity)  

A key focus of our work with you is on your original ideas, which are the foundation of your project.  We challenge you and accompany you in improving your business model and your vision. We’re entrepreneurs ourselves, and we’ve spent a lot of time developing successful businesses, figuring out how to build and develop brands, solid software solutions, clients base, revenues, number of users. We can usually detect quite rapidly the direction in which ideas should be expanded, or reframe a concept to make it more effective and catching. It is all about Value Creation.

From the tiniest details, and we know how critical they are, to the wider strategic game plan, we support you to find the most practical, logical, and powerful solutions. 

Another key part of what we do is to help founders find and deal with investors and acquirers. We spend time teaching founders how to pitch their startups to investors, and how to close a deal. It is not just about new money, it is how to build a successful relationship with potential investors, avoiding traps, detecting synergies and common goals, so that they are active partners of your future success and expansion.

The advice we provide cannot be bought, because anyone qualified is a busy time savvy successful entrepreneur. You can only get it from successful entrepreneurs having a strive to transmit their passion to a new breed of founders. This is what we stand for.

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